Toronado 25th Anniversary

Sour Barrel-Aged Dark Ale

This unique one of a kind beer is a blend of 6 different beers: strong pale ale, strong dark ale, pale ale with currants, blonde ale, baltic porter, and Sonambic, or spontaneously fermentation beer. All components were made separately in barrels with brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added in their own individual processes. Then the final blend was determined by Vinnie and Dave Keene, owner of the Toronado. It has nice bouquet of brett, fruit, spice, vanilla, and oak. This a full-bodied beer with hints of oak and nice sourness in the flavor.


Pub draft and bottles, limited distribution to the Toronado, one-time brew

Original Gravity: 1.068
Alcohol by Volume: 8.75%
Color: Reddish-brown
Bitterness: Mild