Biere de Sonoma

Not all things are as they appear!  With the humble beginnings of a Pale Ale, this beer became a "Biere de Garde", and at one point one would have said it was a Brown Ale.  We now call it a "Biere de Sonoma".  This brew is a delightful combination of the aforementioned styles.  Sometimes a brew will not find its personality until many batches have been brewed, and this is the story of Perdition.  A complex bouquet with mouth filling notes of spice, toasted malt, and citrus make this unique and tasty brew one to enjoy with flavorful dishes..


Pub draft only, limited distribution in California only on draft, mostly year-round

Original Gravity: 1.058
Alcohol by Volume: 6.1%
Color: Reddish Brown
Bitterness: Mild