RRBC Miir Can Chiller 16oz

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Seriously, your drink stands no chance of warming up with the Russian River Brewing Company Logo'd MiiR Can Chiller. Just drop in your can, twist on the rubber gasket for a secure fit, and crack open your beverage. Enjoy an easy grip with our Hardshell™ powder coat finish and let our Thermo 3D® double wall vacuum insulation technology do all the work while you chill out. Laser Etched Logo makes this one beautiful and functional gift for any occasion. 

Does not sweat – let’s save that for the gym

BPA free – no Bad Plastic Awfulness (or Bisphenol A) here

Hardshell™ powder coat finish – safe, durable and classy

Lifetime warranty – the longer you live, the longer the warranty from Miir


*Canned Beer Not Included